Leadership: Field Manager Process – Office Space

Field Manager responsibility is to:

  1. ensure appropriate use, availability, and security of DHS facilities. After hours usage is confined to DHS business or activities of a public nature which are an appropriate use of public buildings;
  2. communicate with the owner-lessor, county commissioners, or others to obtain necessary maintenance and repairs;
  3. be familiar with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 (Act), as it relates to accessibility of public buildings;
  4. be in cooperation with the Property Management Unit, ensures the human services center (HSC) is in compliance with requirements of the Act;
  5. review contracts for janitorial services when DHS has a contract and determines job tasks and frequency for completion. Quality of service delivered is monitored regardless of origin of contract and appropriate notification provided if the service is not acceptable; and
  6. ensure basic health and safety codes are met.

Policy: OKDHS: 115-3-1.

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