Leadership: Field Manager Process – Overall Building Upkeep

Field Manager and AFS Administrative Assistant will monitor all aspects pertaining to building upkeep. For state-owned buildings, or issues falling outside scope of lease, contact Facilities Management Unit or Property Management Unit.

For lease buildings, view lease and contact property owner to see if it falls into purview of their responsibility.

Restroom/Trash: Refer to your janitorial contract/provider

See Administrative Oversight Memo ADM 12-03

For further guidance, please refer to the SOP

Problems with the building such as plumbing, heat/air, locks, doors, lights etc., FMU would need to be contacted.

FMU can perform new construction, complete remodeling services, office renovations, custom building and on-site improvements, custom work station design and manufacture, fire damage restoration, facility maintenance, complete roof replacements or repair, fire alarm and sprinkler systems and other general repairs.

FMU reviews requests for exemption for the use of a space heater when an employee with special needs requests a space heater, i.e. a physician’s written recommendation. FMU reviews the request on a case by case basis.

Contact FMU Telephone Unit for any phone issues.

Restroom/Trash: Refer to your janitorial contract/provider

Facilities Management Unit
24-hour contact information
Phone: (405) 271-5039

FMU Telephone Unit: (405) 218-2300

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