Field Manager Process – Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s)

UpdatedField Manager Process – Vendor Giveaways

Guidelines for Vendors

Field Manager Process – Overall Building Upkeep

Instructions and Contacts regarding Building Upkeep

Professionalism – Knowledge

Professionalism also means you are trained to do a job well. Being an “expert” in your job is essential to being a true professional. In order to be knowledgeable you should: Seek out further training and educational materials in your field to stay current and provide expert information Be aware of current office policies and […]

UpdatedOKDHSLive! Web Utility

The OKDHS Live! Utility can be used for the following: Updating Renewal Status; Viewing ODHS Live! submissions on a case; Updating the case address To access the OKDHS Live! Web Utility, open your internet browser and go to: Or, go to the OKDHS InfoNet Home page, under “Job Functions” click on “Adult & Family […]