Eligibility – Income & Resources

AFS Handbook information – Eligibility – Income & Resources

Income – Actual vs. Anticipated

Provides information regarding when to use Actual or Anticipated Income or both.

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

Bonus Income Scenario Flowchart

Article to House the Bonus Income Scenario Flow-Chart

Income – Earned Income Handling

Key Points to Consider when dealing with Earned Income

One Third Reduction Rule

Instructions regarding One Third Reduction Rule for Someone Living with Another Household

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

$20 General Income Exclusion

327:35-5-42(d)(1)and(5)(B) The General Income Exclusion (GIE) is a $20 per month income deduction. It is mostly used to bring down countable income that is barely over the standard, so the client can be eligible for a particular benefit. For QMB, SLMB and QI-1, the GIE can be used on unearned or earned income but never […]

Tuberculosis (TB) Cases

317:35-5-4.(4) 317:35-5-47 317:35-7-60(a)(5) 317:35-7-44   The TB program is intended to cover treatment for the condition. It does not provide full SoonerCare coverage. If applicant wants full SoonerCare but is not age 65 or older, s/he will need to apply with Social Security to get a disability decision. What is needed to determine eligibility Verification […]

TANF Eligibility Verification Guide

Eligibility Factors and Acceptable Verification