Child Care Subsidy: Choice of Provider – Which Providers Can the Client Choose?

Prior to approving child care, the client must choose an eligible provider. The provider must be licensed and contracted to receive subsidy payments through DHS. The worker must document the choice of provider on the application or renewal form.

When the client has not chosen a provider at the time of request, the worker provides the client with information to help them make their choice. The worker may print a list of eligible providers to give to the client or direct the client to the Child Care Locator.

The client may choose a family child care home regardless of star level.

The client may not choose a child care:

  • facility that does not have a valid contract with DHS;
  • facility in which the client or his or her spouse, including the child’s parent or stepparent, has an ownership interest;
  • home in which the child resides;
  • home in which the client also works during the hours his or her child is in care;
  • provider who does not allow parental access during the hours the provider is caring for children;
  • program receiving state or federal funds, such as Head Start, Early Head Start, or public schools, and not charging all parents for the hours subsidy payment is requested. EHS-CCP grant programs are exempt from this rule; and
  • provider caring for a school age child during the regular school day when the student could be attending a public or private school during those hours;
  • center, when it is a one star facility, unless there are no centers with a higher star status in the community or special exception criteria are met.
  • in-home provider who is not related to the child. Per OAC 340:40-13-2, related means an aunt, uncle, grandparent, great grandparent, or sibling not living in the home.
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