Frustration Free Provider Changes

Article to house the link to the Provider Change Child Care Video.

Child Care Information

Once a client has registered on the OK Benefits site, they will be able to login to enter the “My Services”, “My Benefits” pages. For steps on how to navigate to the My Services screen, please refer to article OK Benefits: How to Navigate Through My Benefits Once a customer has selected the particular case […]

Choice of Provider – Which Providers Can the Client Choose?

Which child care providers are allowable?

NON-PS2 Instructions (Child Care)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS Child Care Tab.

Choice of Provider

Copay; To Exempt, or not to Exempt

The family share copayment is assigned to one provider per case. When more than one provider is used by the family, the worker determines which provider gives the most costly care to the family. The worker uses the current Appendix C-4-B, Child Care Provider Rate Schedule, to determine the daily rate for each child based […]

STAR Status

STAR status – a tiered system of quality and reimbursement known as “Reaching for the Stars” provides incentives for programs that meet the “star” criteria.

EBT Card

Initial Certification Each client approved for child care must obtain an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Before being issued an EBT card, the client must watch the child care benefits video which explains how to use the card. At the interview, the worker should instruct the client to swipe their EBT card every day the […]

Special Needs Rate

Eligibility for a Differential Rate If care for a disabled child or a child with special needs is approved and the provider has to provide additional care for the child, the provider may qualify for a special needs rate. If the child meets one of the following factors: receiving services from SoonerStart, be on an […]

Choice of Provider and Stars Requirements

Finding a child care provider is the family’s responsibility. The family may select a child care center, a child care home, or an in-home provider. Whatever type of facility the family chooses, the facility must be licensed through DHS and have a contract with DHS to accept the child care subsidy. Families can enroll their […]