Long Term Care (LTC): Vendor Payments & Nursing Facility Transfers

The following provides explanation regarding which nursing facility should receive vendor payments when there is a transfer of the client from one nursing facility to another one.

Client was residing in Ten Buck Two nursing home with a vendor payment of $1500 a month. Client moved to It’s a Good Place nursing home on September 15th. What steps should the worker take for this type of scenario?

  • Worker should close Ten Buck Two nursing home authorization 9/15.
  • Worker should open It’s a Good Place Nursing home authorization effective 9/15.

Refer to article LTC: How to Process a Nursing Facility Transfer

The nursing homes may want to know which nursing facility needs to charge the vendor payment. It depends on which nursing home bills Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OKHCA) first.

OKHCA deducts the vendor payment from the first NH facility that files a claim. If It’s a Good Place nursing home files their claim first, then the claim amount to be paid to the facility by OKCHA will be assessed by subtracting out the vendor payment. If the entire vendor payment is used up on the first claim, then the remaining claim will be paid with no deduction. However, if there was any portion of the vendor payment left to be paid then it is removed from the next claim until the vendor payment is used up. OKHCA can help to determine which nursing home(s) the vendor payment should have been paid to (and how much of the vendor payment).

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