Lump Sums

Explanation of Lump Sum Policy and Scenarios

Income – Indian Trust Funds / IIM Accounts

Income Eligibility – Indian Trust Funds / IIM Accounts

Vendor Payments & Nursing Facility Transfers

Which nursing home should get the vendor payment?

Vendor Payments: ZERO vs FULL Vendor Payments

Determining what month a vendor payment begins once a person enters ICF or ICF/IID.

Nursing Facility Services

Policy Links Regarding Nursing Facility Services

How to Calculate Nursing Home Vendor Payment

Gives information on calculating vendor payment

LTC Insurance Overview

LTC Insurance should be coded in the TPL section in FACS. Payments are not considered income and nursing facility needs to become payee of the benefits Send an email to as soon as possible with the name, phone number and address of the facility along with client information Client’s vendor payment is not affected […]


Excess Resources OAC 317:35-19-21-(3)(D) If the equity in capital resources is in excess of the standards but less than the amount of one month’s vendor payment, certification is delayed up to 30 days providing plans are made for the applicant to utilize the excess resource.  Certification is made at the point excess resources have been […]