Child Care Subsidy: OECP (Oklahoma Early Childhood Program) Programs

Facilities that are participating in an OECP – Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP) will be assigned an additional contract number to be used only for those children attending an OECP classroom created as a result of the OECP grants. Any other children in the family who attend the same facility but are not enrolled in an OECP classroom should be approved at the original contact number.

OECP facility City Original contract number OECP Classroom contract number
Crosstown Learning Center Tulsa 20300 35000
Tulsa Educare – Kendall – Whittier Tulsa 28087 35001
Tulsa Educare – Hawthorne Tulsa 28515 35002
Tulsa Educare – MacArthur Tulsa 28803 35003
Briarglen Early Childhood Education Center Tulsa 29225 35004
Disney Early Childhood Education Center Tulsa 27818 35005
ECDC Reed Tulsa 27186 35006
Frost Family Center Head Start Tulsa 26887 35007
McClure Head Start Tulsa 27164 35008
Reed Early Childhood Education Center Tulsa 27746 35009
Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center (CAP Tulsa) Tulsa 29197 35010
Sand Springs Early Childhood Education Center Sand Springs 28523 35011
Skelly Early Childhood Education Center of Tulsa Tulsa 29299 35012
W.L. Hutcherson Learning Development Center Tulsa 22062 35013
OKC Educare Inc. Oklahoma City 20533 35014
Cherokee Nation CDC Tahlequah 23961 35015
Eugene Field Early Childhood Education Center Tulsa 29366 35016
Tri County Tech CDC Bartlesville 23091 35017
Pierce Early Education Center OKC 29462 35018
Tulsa Educare 4 Celica Clinton Tulsa 29489 35019
Jewels Place Enrichment Child Care Tulsa 28492 35020
Pine Premier Child Care Tulsa 29038 35021
Montoya Boaz Tulsa 59878 35022
Peppermint Pete’s Pretstart Tulsa 26516 35023
Tulsa Women & Children CCC Tulsa 29506 35024
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