Management: Division of Services and Purchasing Responsibility


  • AFS 
  • Staples (AFS Sequoyah Building staff does the purchasing using Staples Portal.)   *statewide contract
  • Office Supplies other than from the Portal
  • Furniture
  • Enterprise Purchases     *statewide contract
  • Inventory of Equipment with a Value of $500 or more (except in stand-alone CWS buildings)


  • AFS or CWS Individual Responsibility
  • Tulsa Speech and Hearing * statewide contract
  • Sign Language Resource Service * statewide contract
  • Language Line * statewide contract
  • Face-to-Face Translators
  • Membership Dues (e.g., Chamber of Commerce and other Professional Organizations)
  • Notaries
  • Hepatitis B Shots
  • A.D.A
  • Court Transcripts
  • Fees for Court Transcripts
  • Media Advertising (e.g.,Newspaper Ads)
  • Direct Bill / Hotel-Motel
  • Employee Re-imbursements


  • AFS or CWS Individual Responsibility
  • Cell Phones *statewide contract
  • Computer Equipment *statewide contract

Child Welfare Requests for Material:

The following are steps for Child Welfare Requests for Material.

  1. CW Material Request
  2. CW District Director Approved
  3. CW Regional Director Approved
  4. AFS County Director / AAII Approved
  5. AFS Comptroller (Place order or send to CWS)
  6. CWS State Office Places Order
  7. Order Is Received in County Office

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