Division of Services and Purchasing Responsibility

Guidelines and Flow Chart of Purchasing Responsibility among the Divisions.

Remote Supervision – Tools

Viable alternatives to replace the face-to-face encounters

8 Steps in a Virtual Gemba

Although traditionally done in person, Gemba Walks can be done virtually through careful planning and by taking advantage of technology. In fact, a Virtual Gemba Walk may be more beneficial than one done in person. This is because the coach is only observing the process or work being completed instead of focusing on the person […]

Remote Communication

Connecting from a distance Over the past year, many of you experienced the struggle of being supervised remotely. You may find yourself trying to not bother your supervisor, trying to “save up” questions, and balance your need for feedback with autonomy. It is a very different kind of working relationship from a traditional one. The […]

Task Management – Works Efficiently

Working Efficiently requires at least 4 key behaviors: apply current technology in practical ways to maximize efficiency; make wise use of outside resources; have a bias for timely action, and avoid procrastination; set priorities and approach assignments according the order of priority Working efficiently does not occur in a vacuum. Although efficiency starts with the […]