Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Updated$20 General Income Exclusion


The General Income Exclusion (GIE) is a $20 per month income deduction. It is mostly used to bring down countable income that is barely over the standard, so the client can be eligible for a particular benefit.

  • For QMB, SLMB and QI-1, and SPPC, the GIE can be used:
    • First on unearned income
    • If any of the GIE is left, can be used on the earned income
    • The $20 can’t be deducted from both unearned and earned income at the same time
  • For the SSP, the GIE can only be used on earned income
  • For a couple, one GIE is used on their combined income per the points above

Note: The GIE is not used in the income calculation in ADvantage, Nursing Facility, or other HCBW cases.

When used on earned income, this article shows how to use the GIE in conjunction with the other deductions. SSI-Criteria State Order of Deductions for Earned Income

Before 04/27/2020, C, H, and J cases edited when $20 was put in the “General Income Exclusion” block in FACS. After that date, IMS/FACS was reprogrammed to allow it.

Ron Reagan is applying for QMBP. His only income is RSDI of $1225. That income makes him eligible for SLMB until the GIE is used.

$1225-$20 = $1205 so the countable income is under the QMBP standard. The income is coded in FACS as shown here.

Ron Reagan later marries Nancy. She is also on Social Security-Disability of $425. Their combined income is over the QMBP standard.

$1225 + 425 = $1650

After the $20 general income deduction is used, they are eligible for the medical benefit. $1650-$20 = $1630

When their income is coded in FACS, the GIE is coded on only one of the spouses. It doesn’t matter which spouse.

Oklahoma Model County Project example 2.

Oklahoma Model County Project example 3.

The following is an example of earned income of ineligible spouse. Lyle is applying for QMBP. He receives $1240 RSDI. His spouse Julia works part-time and earns $911 monthly.

The $20 GIE is first deducted from unearned income. $1240 – 20 GIE = $1220. The calculation is entered into the FACS income tab under Lyle.

FACS open to the Income tab displaying the data for Julia L. Smith.

The calculation for earned income is as follows. The $20 dollar income exclusion has already been deducted (only one GIE is used for a couple).

$911 – $65 = $846 / 2 = $423 + $65

Add $65 to $423, which equals $488 to be put in the NON-TANF WORK EXP field in the FACS income tab under Julia.

FACS open to the Income tab displaying the data for Julia L. Smith.

The income used to determine eligibility of individual and ineligible spouse would be $1220 + $423 = $1643.

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