Child Care Subsidy: UpdatedIncome – Earned Income Handling

The following are things to check when there is earned income on the case:

  • Name of the employer and employee on the check.
  • Pay period and actual pay date.
  • Pay frequency to determine how often they are paid.
  • Hours worked during the pay period to determine if the pay is representative for changes in the rate of pay.
  • Gross pay was used to determine income calculation
  • For special pay:
    • Overtime pay.
    • Bonus pay.
    • Reimbursements like uniform pay, travel pay, and per diem.
  • For possible tips on each check.
  • For full or partial pay periods (for new or terminated income).
  • School or Contract pay: contract employee or hourly to determine correct income
    • Duration of the contract
  • Determine if Actual/Anticipated income is needed.
  • Most recent or most appropriate pay is used.
  • MICAL is used to calculate the monthly income.
  • Income Calculations are reviewed prior to certification.
  • GE is checked before to submitting or processing cases.
  • Correct Pay Stubs are in OnBase
  • ACES was checked to explore employment history and findings were documented.
  • All pertinent information was documented in FACS.
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