Income – Blood & Plasma Products

Explanation of Income Determination Related to Blood & Plasma Products

UpdatedIncome – Earned Income Handling

Key Points to Consider when dealing with Earned Income

Initial Denial with 2nd Month Certification

Instructions regarding cases that have a denial in the month of application, but can be certified the month after.

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

Income – Rental Income

Explanation of Rental Income

Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

How to divide the income deductions in FACS between an eligible individual and the ineligible spouse.

Earned Income Overview

Overview of Earned Income

Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work is an SSI program to help people who have a disability to find and keep employment.

Income – Earned Income FAQS

Earned income when determining vendor payments

Agency View – EMPLOYMENT

Instructions for the Employment Tab in Agency View