Asset Verification System: Close a Case

The following are instructions are regarding the closing of a case in the Asset Verification system.

  • To update eligibility on a case, click the checkbox(es) from the case queue followed by ‘Decide’;
  • Select ‘Transfer Penalty’, ‘Ineligible’ or Eligible’ as applicable and then select ‘Save’.

PCG Health AVS Case Queue. "Select case status" dropdown is highlighted. "Decide" button is highlighted.

  • If ‘Ineligible’ is selected, the user will be prompted to select one of the four reasons for ineligibility;
  • Select ‘Save’ to lock in the case’s decision. If this is not selected, the decision will not save.

PCG Health. Case detail  screen for "Evans Kimberly", "Evans Gregory".

  • Alternatively, a user may update a case to ‘Review in Progress’ and then decide it from within the case dashboard as well. To update users can select any of the eligibility options from the ‘Current Case Status’ section.

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