LIHEAP / ECAP: Applications

Households must usually apply for energy assistance.

There are two exceptions:

  • when the LIHEAP unit preauthorizes a household for heating or cooling assistance or
  • when a household needs crisis assistance a life-threatening situation.

How to apply?

Households may apply for energy assistance online, over the telephone, via email, or through a paper application.

Online application:

A household submits an application using

Telephone application:

A household calls (405) 522-5050 to submit an application.

Email application:

A household emails The LIHEAP staff helps the household to apply online or through paper.

Paper application:

The household calls (405) 522-5050 to request a paper application. LIHEAP staff will mail a LIHEAP application (Form 08LH002E). The household must complete and return this application before LIHEAP staff can evaluate the household’s needs. The household may use the prepaid postal envelope, the fax number, or the email address that comes with the application. The application date is the date the household emails, mails, faxes, or turns in the application to DHS.

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