NewAlternative Fuels

When the payment is issued to a propane bottle fill vendor, the Energy Assistance household will have to contact the vendor to schedule a time and a place to get their bottle filled fuel. Eligible households that use alternative fuels, such as propane canisters, gas for generators, kerosene or firewood can receive the benefits listed […]

LIHEAP Hearing Request

Instructions regarding LIHEAP/ECAP

LIHWAP Expiration

Notification of LIHWAP ending

LIHEAP Pre-Authorization Correction

Process of correcting a Pre-Authorization

LIHEAP Notices

Instructions regarding LIHEAP Notices


340:20-1-10 340:20-1-13 Vulnerability means that the household is totally or partially responsible for the cost of home energy. The household must meet the vulnerability requirement in order to receive LIHEAP benefits. The household is still considered vulnerable when the utility provider temporarily disconnects the household’s service. Households that do not have any home energy expenses […]

CD7 LIHEAP Indicator

The CD7 LIHEAP indicator can only be found on the EA screen in IMS. An example of the CD7 LIHEAP indicator is shown here. The CD7 liheap indicator is an old module in IMS. Please ignore any indicator in this field on the EA screen. The CD7 LIHEAP IND blocks mean absolutely nothing. Refer to […]

Automatic Certifications

Information regarding criteria for automatic certifications.