Property Management Unit Map

Document to Property Management Unit Map link in InfoNet.

AFS Administrative Oversight FAQs

AFS Administrative Oversight FAQs

AFS Administrative Oversight Task List

Task List of responsibilities under Administrative Oversight

Monitoring Buildings & Grounds Training

Training Outline / Monitoring Buildings & Grounds

Energy Conservation Program

Energy Conservation Program History and Rationale

Space Allocation Escalation Process

Process when Workspace is needed.

Energy Conservation Guidelines

The guidelines under Energy Conservation are not intended to be all-inclusive, and they may be modified for local conditions. Within reason, achieving the core mission of the organization by maintaining the comfort of the occupants and functionality of the space takes priority over energy savings. Industry building and safety codes, equipment Access Energy Conversation Guidelines

Property Management Unit Guidelines for Building Monitoring

Guidelines for Building Monitoring

Housekeeping Guidelines

Guidelines for Office Safety, Cleanliness, & Building Requirements


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