Energy Conservation Guidelines

The guidelines under Energy Conservation are not intended to be all-inclusive, and they may be modified for local conditions. Within reason, achieving the core mission of the organization by maintaining the comfort of the occupants and functionality of the space takes priority over energy savings. Industry building and safety codes, equipment Access Energy Conversation Guidelines

Bomb Threat

Instructions regarding Bomb Threats

Field Manager Process – Preparedness

Planning, training and drills are conducted per policy: OKDHS: 2-15-40 and 2-15-42 Field Manager assigns employees to a safety committee to develop emergency preparations Support Service Division Risk and Safety Management Unit consults with the Field Manager to ensure compliance with state and federal safety regulations Policy: OKDHS: 2-15-43

Field Manager Process – Staff Safety

Guidelines for Staff Safety

What is Domestic Violence/Domestic Violence Overview

Explanation of what entails Domestic Violence

General Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

People who are being abused may: Seem afraid or anxious to please their partner Go along with everything their partner says and does Check in often with their partner to report where they are and what they are doing Receive frequent, harassing phone calls from their partner Talk about their partner’s temper, jealously, or possessiveness […]

UpdatedSafety – Workers’ Compensation Forms

When an employee experiences a workplace injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance covers related medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. Employees should report all work-related injuries to their supervisors immediately no matter the severity. Human Resource Management’s Risk and Safety Management The employee’s supervisor completes a thorough investigation of the incident using […]

UpdatedSafety – Reporting a Workplace Accident

Standard Operating Procedures for Reporting Workplace Accidents

Safety – Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Safety – Self-Assessment