Low-Income Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) Crisis

Summary of LIHWAP and comparison to LIHEAP Life Threatening

UPDATE to Formula Request

Details regarding the Updated Process for Requesting Formula

Invoice Processing

Instructions on Processing Invoices.

Contract Monitoring

Contract Monitoring, Work Plan, Duties & Responsibilities.

Setting Up Direct Deposit for SSP

How to Set Up Direct Deposit for State Supplemental Payments

Pest Control

Pest Control Checklist

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

How Do I Check the Status of an Equipment Order?

To access the AUSNE screen in IMS, enter EKL <space> case number. Tab down to the SN authorization line next to the appropriate vendor listed, and type AUSN next to the authorization. Look Under “HRS APR” to check to see if order has been approved.The codes are as follows: A Approved R more Information Requested […]

How Do I Submit a Request for Professional Services?

Professional services must be declined by OHCA, and aid in accessibility and mobility. All requests are approved dependent upon available funds. In IMS, enter ausn case number Enter the child’s person number from the CM screen, then enter S, next to Professional Services for the AUSNP Screen (IMS) Enter the following information on the AUSNP […]

How Do I Submit a Request for Equipment?

SSI-DCP will not purchase any education-related equipment to be used in a school setting. Federal law requires schools to purchase such items. ** If the cost of the request equipment is over $1,000, please contact HR&MS staff for approval.** A statement from the healthcare professional will need to list the following: Name of the adaptive […]