Social Security Early Retirement and Categorical Relationship

Impact of Early Retirement on Eligibility

How to Use F17C to Issue SSP

How to fill in the F17C to issue benefits that didn’t issue from a retro cert.

Setting Up Direct Deposit for SSP

How to Set Up Direct Deposit for State Supplemental Payments

How to Certify SLMB

The coding to certify a case in FACS for SLMB

Correcting Cases for Incorrectly Processed SSP

Procedures for correcting cases when SSP (State Supplemental Payment) didn’t issue correctly due to agency error.

BENDEX State Codes

State/Agency Part A (HI) Code Part B (SMI) Code Alabama S01 010 Alaska S02 020 Arizona S03 030 Arkansas S04 040 California S05 050 Colorado S06 060 Connecticut S07 070 Delaware, Public Assistance S08 080 District of Columbia S09 090 Florida S10 100 Georgia S11 110 Guam N/A 650 Hawaii S12 120 Idaho S13 130 […]

BENDEX Income Codes

The following BENDEX Income codes provide additional details regarding income. B21 Date Initial Entitlement B22 Current Entitlement Date B23 Entitlement Effective Date B24 Retro Payment Amount B25 Direct Deposit Indicator B26 – Payment Cycle Indicator Indicates when the benefit check was released 3RD = 3rd of the month 2WED = 2nd Wednesday 3WED = 3rd […]

Why Rights and Responsibilities are Important?

Responsible casework on the part of both the worker and client can occur.