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Each case you work on has its own unique story. Using the Case Note Generator and the FACS system, you will tell the story about each customer’s case.

The Case Notes Generator offers consistency throughout the application or review process for all programs that require an interview. Required questions that address the information necessary to determine eligibility are listed in the generator form. You select the appropriate answers to the questions and add clarifying details in the intended space. After the form is completed and submitted; it is sent to your email account.

The FACS system also provides fields to record information that is used for eligibility determination and case management. For example, the Case Information tab in the Interview Notebook summarize any actions taken on a case such as:

  • Interview narrative from the Case Note Generator
  • Recording and documenting client contacts
  • Case changes
  • Data and information exchange
  • Exception determinations of eligibility

It is important to be as accurate and thorough as possible as you document the case. Information that is not in case notes cannot be considered in an audit. You want to communicate as clearly as possible so that others get a complete picture of the events of the case. Avoids errors so anyone reading your case notes will know exactly what you did and why.

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