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FACS (Family Assistance and Client Services) is the software used by staff to update Adult and Family Services case information. The purpose of the FACS software is to gather information regarding AFS programs or services eligibility to send to the PS2 system, provide a central place to house case documentation, and generate Forms.

You will notice that FACS is divided into the Interview and Eligibility Notebooks.

  • The Interview Notebook is primarily used to gather information
  • The Eligibility Notebook is primarily used to process case information

The features of FACS are displayed on the FACS Toolbar and are listed here:

The features of FACS are displayed on the FACS Toolbar

File Folder – selecting the icon opens the dialogue box to enter the case number.

X Mark – selecting the icon closes the case.

The Interview Notebook and Eligibility Notebook icons are used to enter to open the notebooks.

OKDHS LIVE – the OKDHS LIVE icon is selected to view new information or compare case changes.

Send Case to Supervisor – clicking the icon updates the case status to pending supervisor review.

Reset Supervisor Approval – use the icon to prevent the computer from issuing benefits before a review is completed.

Case Summary Window – select the icon to display a summary of household members, benefit status, income totals, resource amounts, and shelter and utility costs.

Refresh the Case – icon is referred to as the ‘Blue Barrel’ will close and reopen a case to display current information.

Generate Forms – icon is selected to generate forms to print or upload.

Case Notes – icon is used to open the case note entry window. Case notes are then copied and pasted from the Case Note Generator email into FACS.

Case Status Monitoring – icon opens the Case Status Monitoring window which displays the status of all cases.

View Edit Errors – The icon will display a list of edit errors for case.

Case Note Generator & Interview Guide – selecting the icon opens the Case Note Generator.

Generate Case Scan Report – selecting the icon checks available computer information for each case member.

OnBase – icon is used to open OnBase to view scanned documents.

Asset Verification Icon – icon opens the Asset Verification System web portal.

LTC Assets Transfer Calculator – icon opens the transfer calculator to use to determine penalty periods for LTC programs.

Zero Income Questionnaire – icon is used to generate a list of questions to ask when a household declares no income.

Resend – icon “red checkmark” is used to resend information to IMS.

Reset – icon “pencil eraser” is used when data needs to be returned to the way it was previously.

Save the Case – use the icon to send all updated, resent, or reset FACS fields to IMS.

View Broadcast Message – use the icon to check for recent AFS broadcast messages to read.

Calculator – selecting the icon opens a calculator to assist with calculations.

Help Contents – “question mark” icon links to the Quest Information Online website.

Exit The Program – icon closes the FACS application.

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