AFS Policy: UpdatedCase Record

Case record – is an accumulation of material required to document a client’s eligibility for and receipt of benefits.  The case record includes information in physical working and history records, all imaged documents, and all electronically maintained data associated with the same case number.  For legal requirements and audit purposes, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) retains these records for at least three years after all benefits included in the case have expired.  Case records may need to be retained longer than three years when legal action requires certain case records be maintained or there is an outstanding debt from an overpayment.

  • Public Assistance Procedures (all programs):
    • 340:65-1-2. Confidential nature of case material
    • 340:65-1-3. Case records; and
    • 340:65-1-5. Authorization to destroy numbered closed case records or information and referral only material
  • SNAP:

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