Employment and Training Referral Survey

Link to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training Referral

How to Search Online Forms

Forms – Searching Tips

Contract Forms

List of Forms used in Contracts & Purchasing

County Director Process – Media Relations

Media Relations Overview

ALLDATA – Overview

To understand how ALLDATA works and the basics of building items in ALLDATA.

Safety – Workers’ Compensation Forms

When an employee experiences a workplace injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance covers related medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. Employees should report all work-related injuries to their supervisors immediately no matter the severity. Human Resource Management’s Risk and Safety Management. The employee’s supervisor completes a thorough investigation of the incident using […]

State Supplemental Payment (SSP) & ABD Renewals

State Supplemental Payment (SSP) Renewals as well as other ABD renewals, also known as Annual Reviews may appear as any of the following reports on the CWA: (17) Benefit Reporting Case List Reports (05) Reviews Due Next Month, (07) Reviews Due Next Month, and (03) Delinquent Reviews; display reviews that have not been taken care […]

HIPAA – Forms

The following forms are related to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA): 08HI001E (HIPAA-1) Privacy Notice 08HI001S (HIPAA-1-SV) Privacy Notice (Spanish) 08HI001I (HIPAA-1) Privacy Notice Instructions 08HI002S (HIPAA-2-SV) Privacy Notice Acknowledgment (Spanish) 08HI003E (HIPAA-3) Authorization to Disclose Medical Records 08HI003E (HIPAA-3) Authorization to Disclose Medical Records Instructions 08HI003S (HIPAA-3-SV) Authorization to Disclose Medical […]

How to Use the EO Screening Tool

To streamline the application process and determination of expedited services, DHS has approved the use of a web based program, the EO Screening Tool. The tool itself does the calculations to determine EO eligibility based on the information entered (See the script that appears in the sections ‘Script’ and ‘EO Food Stamp Benefits Eligibility’. The […]