FACS: Nursing Facility Authorization

How to place a Nursing Facility Authorization in application status on a currently open medical case using FACS

  1. Go to the Medical Gen tab in the Eligibility Notebook. In the Type Action taken block, choose “change of action which does not effective section detail status”. If “change” is already there, re-send it.FACS Scree - Med Gen tab - "Action Taken" field highlighted
  2. If you are between 1st and 2nd deadline (see Appendix B-2), go to the Adv. Notice Required field and select the appropriate entry.
  3. Go to the Auth LT Care tab in the Eligibility Notebook and choose the applicant from the Person Name drop down list.Auth LT Care tab - Provider number, action taken, level of care, and begin/change date fields have all been highlighted.
  4. Enter the Provider Number for the nursing facility.
  5. In the Action Taken block, click the drop down arrow and select to Application..
  6. In the Level of Care block, click the drop down arrow and select (IC)=Receives Nursing Facility (NF) Care with Vendor Payment Approved.
  7. In the Begin/Change Date block, enter application date.
  8. Save the case
  9. Send the case for supervisory review or clear the updates on worker authority if given permission.

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