Rights and Responsibilities: Best Practices

Cover Rights and Responsibilities with the client during the interview. If the interview takes place in the office, use the client directed Rights and Responsibility video located on the desktop of the computer. If the interview is to be conducted over the telephone, you will need to verbally address the Rights and Responsibilities with your client.

Refer to article Rights and Responsibilities: Telephone Interviews – Sample Script

Discuss with the client any changes to their household that would need to be reported. Emphasize that any change to household circumstances must be reported within 10 calendar days.

Changes that need to be reported are changes in:

  • Sources of income
  • Unearned income of $50 per month or more
  • Earned income of more than $100 per month
  • Addition or loss of a household member
  • Residence and resulting changes in shelter costs
  • Legal obligations to pay child support

Stress the importance of clients reporting if their address and phone number changes so that they do not miss important notifications regarding their benefits.

Provide a brief explanation of the Quality Control (QC) process and stress the importance of their cooperation if they are ever contacted by QC

Have the client sign and date the FSS-1-B Rights and Responsibilities Signature page and image document to the case record for office interviews. The client will provide their signature electronically for all OKDHS Live! applications and renewals.

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