NewHarmony Procedures – Case Number Changes for ADvantage or SPPC Cases

Procedures for Case Number Changes

NewHarmony – Reporting of Benefit or Service Issues

Information to assist in locating the correct mailbox to report benefit or service issues.

NewHarmony Procedures – Common Issues

Common Issues that cause an Authorization Conflict with Harmony

NewHarmony Procedures – Closures/Denials

ELDERS Procedures concerning Closures and Denials

How to Read 105 Screens

Instructions regarding 105 Screens and LIHEAP / ECAP Information

ICF/IID Authorizations vs. ICF Authorizations

Differences in coding between ICF Authorizations and ICF/IID Authorizations.

How to Certify a Child Care Application (Non-Unfinished Issuance)

How to certify a child care case/authorization lines.

PS2 Instructions – Section K (Postpartum Care)

This is a list with descriptions of each Section K (Postpartum Care) field in IMS.

Payment Adjustments/Manual Claims

Payment Adjustments Our goal is to keep manual claim processes to a minimum because they are very time intensive and delay appropriate payments to providers. If too many manual claims are completed each month, it defeats the purpose of an automated system. Manual claims should be kept to a minimum when applications are processed within 2 […]