Child Care Subsidy: EPPIC

On how EPPIC relates to Child Care

What is it?

  • The EBT system for Child Care (EPPIC) is used to track time and attendance and make payments for children approved for child care subsidy in Oklahoma
  • To get a password for EPPIC, Form 10SC002E, A Password Request for EBT Child Care Administrative Terminal Functions should be submitted to the Finance Division, EPS section. This form is available in Forms under the Finance heading
  • Passwords and access to EPPIC should be done by supervision by utilizing *EPPIC HelpDesk Form | EPS (
  • There is no additional cost associated with staff logging into or using EPPIC
  • It is Intranet traffic (not Internet) so it is low impact to the network

Why would I use it?

EPPIC has information about co-payments, card swipes, denial messages, times and dates of attendance for each child, authorization and rate information, star status of a provider and other important information.

When would I use it?

You can use EPPIC to:

  • Determine the exact denial code that was received when the parent/authorized representative swiped the EBT card
  • Determine if the eligibility for a child has transmitted to EPPIC
  • Send a message to your client on the POS machine to be displayed when they swipe their EBT card
  • Monitor attendance of a child, family or provider for a given date or date range

How do I use it?

It is very easy to navigate in EPPIC. You can choose from several search transactions such as Case Inquiry, Authorization Inquiry, Provider Inquiry, and Cardholder Inquiry. However, most information you need to access can be found by starting with the Case Inquiry function.

  • EPPIC is “read-only” so there is no risk of altering or deleting the information that is on this system
  • Learning to use EPPIC is as simple as clicking the mouse
  • The more you use EPPIC, the more you want to use it since it provides such valuable information
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