IMS: Adding Authorized Representatives in IMS (EBTU)

An EBTU transaction allows the county staff to enter information for alternate EBT cardholders for SNAP, Child Care, Foster Parent Child Care, or any combination of these.

Once this screen is completed, an EBT Card can be printed for the authorized representative.

To access the screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Type ebtu (space) case number (space) and [two letter code]
  4. Press ‘Enter’

The two letter code indicates the authorized representative for the benefit. Use these codes for authorized representatives:

  • ef = SNAP EBT
  • ec = Child Care EBT
  • fc = SNAP EBT and Child Care EBT
  • ek = Foster Parent Child Care EBT
  • ek SSN* = Edit for Foster Parent Child Care EBT * Social Security Number

  1. Enter Card Holder Status:
    • N = New Card Holder
    • C= Change Card Holder Information
    • X = Deactivate Card Holder
    • F = Foster Parent Card Number
    • D = Deactivate Foster Parent Card Number
  2. SSN: Enter the Social Security Number of the authorized representative.
    *If the authorized representative does not have a SSN due to being undocumented/ineligible alien, we need to include SSN as “000-00-0001″ to allow it to push through the authorization correctly.
  1. FIRST NAME: Enter the authorized representative’s First Name
  2. MIDDLE NAME: Enter the authorized representative’s Middle Name
  3. LAST NAME: Enter the authorized representative’s Last Name
  4. BIRTH DATE: Enter the authorized representative’s Birth Date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY
  5. STREET ADDRESS: Enter the authorized representative’s Street Address.
    NOTE: There is a 2nd field in case the address is too long.
  6. CITY: Enter the authorized representative’s City of residence
  7. STATE: Enter the authorized representative’s State of residence
  8. ZIP: Enter the authorized representative’s Zip Code
    NOTE: There is an optional field for the 4 digit Zip Code suffix
  9. PHONE NUMBER: Enter the authorized representatives phone number in the format OF (###) ###-####

Press Enter after fields are completed to add authorized representative.

Check to see if authorized representative has been added by viewing EBTHL screen.

To access the screen:

  1. Login into IMS
  2. Clear the Screen
  3. Type ebthl (space) and case number
  4. Press ‘Enter’

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