Child Care Subsidy: Special Needs Rate

Eligibility for a Differential Rate

If care for a disabled child or a child with special needs is approved and the provider has to provide additional care for the child, the provider may qualify for a special needs rate. If the child meets one of the following factors: receiving services from SoonerStart, be on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or receiving SSI, then the child meets the “disabled child or child with special needs” factor.

The process is initiated by the provider. Form 08AD006E (ADM 123) Certification for Special Needs Rate for Licensed Child Care Homes and Centers is completed. On this form there is a section that will be completed by each of the following: the parent or guardian, the provider, Oklahoma Child Care Services, and the AFS Child Care Subsidy staff.

The Child Care Subsidy Unit will determine based on the information provided if child is eligible for the special needs rate.

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