Child Care Subsidy: UpdatedWhen a New Application is Required


A new application is required when:

  • an applicant initially applies for subsidized child care benefits.
  • the client’s subsidized child care benefits (Social Services section) is closed for more than 30-calendar days;
  • the payee for the subsidized child care benefits changes;
  • family income was not considered because OAC 340:40-7-12 policy applied and one or more of the affected adopted children turns 6 years of age unless there is already a separate open income eligible case and the child can be added to that case per OAC 340:40-9-2. (Note: When an adoptive child turns 6 years of age during an eligibility period, the child remains eligible until the next renewal. At renewal, a new application is required for the 6 year old.)

**If an adopted child has siblings that are receiving child care assistance in an ongoing income eligible case, the adopted child can be added to that case. In this instance no new application would be required.**


When a client requests that a child be added to the child care benefit in the middle of the eligibility period, no new application is required as long as the requested child is a required member of the child care household (sibling to other child(ren)). When a client requests care for a child who is not a required member of the current child care household (ex: niece, nephew, or grandchild) a new application is required.

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