SNAP: Household Refusal to Cooperate

Use this procedure when dealing with a household who has refused to cooperate with a Quality Control (QC) review.

  1. When a household refuses to cooperate with a quality control (QC) review, QC notifies Adult and Family Services-SNAP Section (AFS-SNAP) of the household’s refusal to cooperate. AFS-SNAP personnel take action to close open SNAP benefits, case note closure action, and image the notice of refusal. A notice is computer generated and sent to the household with specific explanation regarding the closure action.
  2. When the household wishes to cooperate, the county office must notify AFS-SNAP, who will then notify QC. The county office should try to obtain contact information, including an address and/or phone number to reach the client, and provide this information to AFS-SNAP. QC contacts the client, and once the review is completed, QC notifies AFS-SNAP. AFS-SNAP, in turn, lets the county know the client has cooperated and may reapply for SNAP benefits.
  3. A household may reapply for participation in the program only when the household cooperates fully and completely with QC in the completion of the quality control review, or the household meets the end date of disqualification which is listed on the “Notice of Refusal to Cooperate with Quality Control.”

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