Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

SNAP Quality Control (QC) Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding QC

Documentation of EO Screening

POLICY and PROCEDURE Federal and state SNAP policy requires that all initial applications be screened for possible expedited processing (EO) the date the initial application was submitted to the agency. 340:50-11-1 Initial application screening:  All initial applications must be screened for expedited service entitlement….Screening must be done on the date the initial application was completed […]

Preventing QC Errors When Requesting Verification

UpdatedCase Record

Case record – is an accumulation of material required to document a client’s eligibility for and receipt of benefits.  The case record includes information in physical working and history records, all imaged documents, and all electronically maintained data associated with the same case number.  For legal requirements and audit purposes, the Oklahoma Department of Human […]

Best Practices

What to cover when interviewing a client

Changes: Best Practices to Avoid Invalid Negative Case Actions

Scanning to Onbase Continuing Best practice in Place: With Onbase, we have been able to obtain all the required documents needed to complete the negative reviews on many of the cases. It seems staff are doing a better job having the case information imported into the case record. When there were actual case files, there seemed […]

Household Refusal to Cooperate

Use this procedure when dealing with a household who has refused to cooperate with a Quality Control (QC) review. When a household refuses to cooperate with a quality control (QC) review, QC notifies Adult and Family Services-SNAP Section (AFS-SNAP) of the household’s refusal to cooperate. AFS-SNAP personnel take action to close open SNAP benefits, case […]