Rights and Responsibilities: Client Rights

OKDHS Clients Have These Rights:

Right to Equal Treatment
Regardless of a person’s race, color, age, sex , disability, religion, political belief, or national origin
Right to have help from DHS to complete application
Able to receive help from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) in completing application or in getting the required proof needed to determine eligibility for benefits
Right to receive information about all DHS services
Able to receive information regarding all DHS programs
Right to quick processing of application
Able to have application processed timely or receive notice explaining the reason for delay
Right to apply for benefits at any time
Includes initial applications, re-applications and renewals, or applications after closure of case
Right to Confidentiality
Have information given to DHS kept confidential
Right to a fair hearing
Able to ask for a fair hearing, orally or in writing, if there is a disagreement on any action taken on case and choose any person to represent me at the hearing

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