Submitting ADvantage/Personal Care Application on Client’s Behalf

Article to house link to Video Training regarding Harmony and ADvantage and Personal Care Applications

UpdatedSafety – Incident Report / Protective Orders

Employees have a duty and responsibility to immediately make a verbal report of any act or threat that constitutes or could result in workplace violence. Staff who acquire knowledge of violence in the workplace are responsible for providing, by e-mail or memo, a narrative report to their supervisor and Field Manager prior to the end […]

EBT Card

Initial Certification Each client approved for child care must obtain an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Before being issued an EBT card, the client must watch the child care benefits video which explains how to use the card. At the interview, the worker should instruct the client to swipe their EBT card every day the […]

Medical Guidelines

Clients receiving Medical benefits must meet these responsibilities: Must inform DHS of other sources for medical payment including absent parent, insurance, lawsuit, or other third parties Provide to DHS the permission to: Inspect your medical records Share your medical information with other sources such as insurance companies Allow medical and home care providers to release […]

TANF Cases

Clients receiving TANF benefits must meet these responsibilities: Must cooperate in plan to be employed Must participate in work-related activities Must provide proof of immunization for children Must maintain regular school attendance for children Must assign to DHS payments for child support, spousal support, and medical support Must identify absent parents and establish paternity and […]

Child Care Guidelines

Clients receiving Child Care benefits must meet these responsibilities: Choose a child care provider that has a valid contract with DHS Do not choose a one star child care center Do not choose a child care home for which I work Swipe EBT card every day that child attends child care facility Never swipe attendance […]

SNAP Guidelines

Clients receiving SNAP benefits must meet these responsibilities: Don’t ever sell or trade EBT card Don’t ever use another client’s EBT card Do not use EBT card to purchase items that are not considered groceries such as alcohol, tobacco, or paper products Follow guidelines for benefit reporting

Client Responsibilities

OKDHS Clients Have These Responsibilities: I Agree let DHS give information about me to other government agencies or private organizations to get help for me let DHS make any necessary investigation or request to verify the information I give provide the documents necessary to establish my eligibility notify the local DHS office of changes in […]

Client Rights

OKDHS Clients Have These Rights: Right to Equal Treatment Regardless of a person’s race, color, age, sex , disability, religion, political belief, or national origin Right to have help from DHS to complete application Able to receive help from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) in completing application or in getting the required proof […]