Rights and Responsibilities: Child Care Guidelines

Clients receiving Child Care benefits must meet these responsibilities:

  • Choose a child care provider that has a valid contract with DHS
  • Do not choose a one star child care center
  • Do not choose a child care home for which I work
  • Swipe EBT card every day that child attends child care facility
  • Never swipe attendance for hours outside my DHS approved schedule
  • Never swipe attendance for any days or times my child does not attend child care
  • Never give your EBT card or pin number to anyone, including child care provider
  • Pay my family share copayment directly to my provider when I owe a copayment
  • Agree to contact worker if you do not receive an approved message on the point of service (POS) machine
  • Pay for child care DHS will not pay because:
    • I did not swipe my EBT card for the correct days and times my child attended child care
    • Swipes were denied and I did not get them corrected within 10 calendar days
    • My provider loses the absent days payment for a weekly authorization because I did not swipe correct attendance for every day my child attended that month
  • Report changes in need for child care
  • Report if my child no longer attends child care
  • Report when I change child care providers
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