AFS Policy: UpdatedPolicy Search Tips

We are aware that staff are having problems locating policy on the InfoNet since DHS moved to Microsoft Sharepoint. For that reason, we want to make sure you are aware of a few tips in searching for policy.

Tip 1:
You may access AFS Policy from the “Our InfoNet Home” page. From the main page; hover the cursor over the Policy, Forms, Memos drop down menu. Click on Policy.
Sharepoint navigation with an arrow pointing at the "Policy" link.
This will provide a menu to select from with the following sections.

  • DHS internal regulations
  • OAC-317 (OHCA policy) (Most Medical Programs)
  • OAC – 340 (DHS Oklahoma Administrative Codes) (Programs such SNAP, Child Care, & TANF).
  • Revoked Policy

Library: Policy page.
Subchapters can then be chosen from the section.
Policy subchapters page.

Tip 2:
It is more difficult to do a key word search using Microsoft Sharepoint than it was using the prior software because the Policy by Category feature does not work the same.
Use the Policy Index and Policy Index, Glossary of Terms, and Policy Cites and use the key words provided.

OKDHS Policy Index

The Policy Index, Glossary of Terms, and Policy Cites are also listed on the Quest AFS Policy page.

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