Customer Service: Professionalism – Knowledge

Professionalism also means you are trained to do a job well. Being an “expert” in your job is essential to being a true professional. In order to be knowledgeable you should:

  • Seek out further training and educational materials in your field to stay current and provide expert information
  • Be aware of current office policies and procedures.
  • Have clear expectations. Clarify individual tasks and responsibilities to minimize duplicated work, conflicts and miscommunications.
  • Work to improve practices and outcomes.
  • Be prepared to explain the organization’s basic goals and ideas to friends, family, and the general public should the need arise.
  • Offer suggestions on workplace improvement.
  • Know where to find information crucial to providing good services.
  • Proactively think about common questions and prepare accurate answers.
  • Anticipate needs of clients and coworkers and strive to exceed expectations.
  • Focus on solution-based conversations and find alternatives to services if client cannot be assisted by DHS.
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