OKDHS Live!: OKDHS Live! Applications


Applications for SNAP, Medical, Child Care, and/or TANF  benefits can be submitted using OKDHS Live! by existing recipients or users not already known to the system. Applications for LIHEAP/ECAP can also be submitted, but only during periods of open enrollment.

Application Process

The customer may use any internet connection to go to www.okdhslive.org to submit an application.  Individuals create their own user id and password to gain access to the OKDHS Live! website.  Information specific to the individual/case record must be entered in order to gain access to case information.  If information entered by the user doesn’t match any records already available in IMS, the user will be given the opportunity to create a new case.

Case Updates

Once an application has been submitted in OKDHS Live! the section for which a benefit(s) was requested will be placed into application status for that submit date.

Worker Assignment

OKDHS Live! uses the Enterprise Worker Association (EWA) database to determine how to assign applications.

Worker Notification

Once an application has been submitted through OKDHS Live! the appropriate CWA report will be updated and a copy of the application report will be available through DiscImage.

Worker Action

Each Human Services Center will develop a procedure for processing applications that best suits the needs of that office.  The OKDHS Live! screens in FACS may be used to view the information submitted during an OKDHS Live! application and to send that information to FACS for a case save.

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