OKDHS Live!: UpdatedOKDHS Live! FAQS

The following are several Frequently Asked Questions regarding OKDHSLive!:

How do I get an OKDHS Live! User ID and Password?
Go to OKDHS Live! and click on the “Create a user id and password” link in the middle box on the right side of the welcome screen.
How does my client get an OKDHS Live! User ID and Password?
They should go to OKDHS Live! and click on the “Create a user id and password” link in the middle box on the right side of the welcome screen.
How do I get a client’s user ID and Password to see their renewal screens on OKDHS Live!
You NEVER ask for a client’s OKDHS User ID and password. To pull up the renewal screens in OKDHS Live! you log in with your own User ID and password, and then click on “Renew My Benefits”. On the Client Information page enter the payee’s Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Then on the zip code confirmation page enter the current mailing zip code of the case.
How do I log in to a client’s renewal screens on OKDHS Live!?
To pull up the renewal screens in OKDHS Live! you log in with your own User ID and password, and then click on “Renew My Benefits”. On the Client Information page enter the payee’s Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Then on the zip code confirmation page enter the current mailing zip code of the case.
Can I get a print out of what the client entered in OKDHS Live!?
Yes. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Log in to the client’s Renewal Screens on OKDHS Live! If the renewal has been submitted the only screen you will see will be a screen that allows you to “See My Renewal”. You may click on the “See My Renewal” button to view and download a .pdf report showing the information entered by the client.
  2. Each night the .pdf is loaded to DiscImage. The document type is OKLVRNW
I can’t find my client’s renewal report on DiscImage
Renewal reports will show on DiscImage the day after a review has been submitted (user click on “submit” in OKDHS Live!). If the report doesn’t show on DiscImage the day after a review was submitted please open a Remedy Ticket with the Family Support Help Desk.
To whose Imaging Workflow inbox do we scan verification for Renewals and Certification received via OKDHS Live!?
Verification received should be assigned to the Supv/Dist number on the case or the Imaging Workflow County Inbox.
A window opened when I clicked on the FACS OKDHS Live! icon that says “data not available.” What happened?
FACS is designed to show information via the OKDHS Live! icon for only 30 days. The reason for this is after 30 days we can no longer assume that the OKDHS Live! information is the most recent information.
Can you tell me why the SNAP Certification Renewal from OKDHS Live! didn’t go into application status even though the client submitted a Child Care Mid-Certification Renewal?
OKDHS Live! won’t recognize a case as a SNAP Cert Renewal until the final month’s benefits have issued. The final SNAP benefits for this cert period had not yet issued on the date when the recipient used the web site to submit their Child Care renewal.
Is a PS-1/FSS-1/FSS-1-B still necessary if our client submitted their SNAP Mid-Certification Renewal or Application using OKDHS Live!?
The online Renewal or Application is represented in FACS and copied to a document in DiscImage. There not a need to print and scan this document since it will be stored in DiscImage indefinitely. Paper review or application forms are not necessary when OKDHS Live! is used to submit their information for SNAP Certification Renewals or Applications. The assigned worker should determine if there are any other necessary (e.g., Adm-92) forms.
How often do the CWA reports for OKDHS Live! update or refresh?
Currently the CWA reports are updated nightly.
In the past a client’s paychecks were attached to returned paper forms. If a client uses OKDHS Live!, the information comes in from the web site without supporting verification. If the OKDHS Live! verification does not arrive in Workflow until 10 days after the renewal was submitted through OKDHS Live! which date is begins the processing time limits?
Nothing in the eligibility procedure has changed with OKDHS Live!. We are now receiving data from the computer and documentation from the client, some of which may be temporarily out of sync. The web site tells the client/user that they have “submitted” their review; it does not tell the client/user that they have completed it. The client/user is instructed they will need to provide verification and told that the renewal will not be complete without it. In this example, 09-04 is the first day in the time period when counting days (as per 340:65-3-2.1) for providing verification, interview dates, and application time limits. Prior to OKDHS Live! less than 10% of all BR-1’s received in our offices were complete. Often the BR-1 either didn’t have all the necessary documentation attached or there was none.
A case closed after an OKDHS Live! Renewal because the other income is being counted twice. What do I do now?
PS-2 only knows the information sent from OKDHS Live! after the client/user has submitted it. The OKDHS Live! auto-renewal will not close a case. If a case is auto-updated in error, a Remedy ticket needs to be opened just as you currently do when a worker updates a case in error.
What if the person who assisted the client did not know how to code the income correctly, causing an incorrect benefit issuance or closure?
The staff at the Customer Service Center may assist the client by entering their renewal information into OKDHS Live! on behalf of the client or applicant. If they do this, they are doing it from the client perspective just as the client would do it themselves. Customer Service Center staff will read the question to the client directly from the website and type what the client states. No client or Customer Service Center staff can make case updates or eligibility determination decisions.
Why are clients who only have Medicaid (no SNAP or Child Care) receiving OKDHS Live! renewal notices?
There are some Medicaid only cases being managed by OKDHS and they will receive a renewal notice. Although we do not currently auto-review Medicaid-only cases, the client/user can submit their renewal using OKDHS Live!.
A client does not have a home computer or an email address. Does this mean that only people with email addresses can use OKDHS Live?
If a client doesn’t have an email address they can get one for free at a number of websites (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Hot Mail, etc.) The email address is not yet necessary for correspondence, but only for purposes of a password. In the future OKDHS Live! may use it for general broadcast messages about the website and our services.
Can we have a list of all the clients receiving an OKDHS Live! one-page notice?
All clients that receive a paper “Renew My Benefits” (BR-1) form or an OKDHS Live! one-page notice will appear on CWA report 17. The worker can look on NL to see the notice type or go to DiscImage to view the notice. Note: FB* notices are processed for mailing within 3 business days of the Notice Date on the NL screen, FBO* notices are processed for mailing on the first business day after the 15th of the month.
Some clients are signing the one-page notice and leaving it at reception, assuming that they have completed their Renewal. Is that acceptable?
An OKDHS Live! “Renew My Benefits” notice (signed or not) does NOT replace either the “FB-36” notice or the PS-1/FSS-1/FSS-1-B as valid re-certification forms. However, a client who submits either the OKDHS Live! “Renew My Benefits” NOTICE or a “Renew My Benefits” (BR-1) FORM should have the date they submitted that honored as their reapplication date during this transitional period. Clients who do not use the FB-36 notice should either be encouraged to use the OKDHS Live! process to submit their SNAP Certification Renewal or come into an HSC to have a FACS interview and complete the PS-1/FSS-1/FSS-1-B. (I have attached an example of the notice and an example of the form.) All clients due for re-certification should receive the FB-36 notice to complete and sign but it is not necessary that they complete one if they submit their SNAP Certification Renewal using the OKDHS Live! web site or telephone number or the PS-1/FSS-1/FSS-1-B.
Why did my client’s shelter and/or utility deduction change after they submitted a renewal through OKDHS Live?
OKDHS Live! sets the utility deduction based on the information entered in OKDHS Live. If the client declared:

  • No telephone, no water, sewage, garbage; and no electric or gas – the utility indicator will be set to “None”.
  • Telephone only (no water, sewer garbage and no electric or gas) – the Utility Indicator will be set to “Telephone”
  • Water, sewage, garbage (but no electric or gas) – the Utility Indicator will be set to “Basic”
  • Electric or gas – the utility indicator will be set to “Standard”
My client just did an OKDHS Live! renewal last month. How come they got another letter this month?
It’s possible that the renewal dates are not synchronized and the case has one section due for a renewal last month and a different section due for a renewal this month.
Why can’t my client renew the whole case when they renew one section?
They can. Regardless of which section is due for a renewal, OKDHS Live! collects the information necessary to renew all sections.
Why does the SNAP section show “No Review Due” in the OKDHS Live! Utility? My client got a letter this month and completed the review through OKDHS Live!.
If the case met the conditions for a SNAP auto-renewal the OKDHS Live! process completes the renewal by updating the SNAP BR Action field (C35) to “C”. At that point, no further renewal is due and no further action is necessary.
I need to change one of the “Benefit Reporter Action” (C35/D135/E135) fields. How do I do that?
Please use the Web Utility to update the Benefit Reporter Action Fields
Why doesn’t OKDHS Live! ask about …. (insert specific topic here)?
The questions and the wording of the questions in OKDHS Live! were designed by representatives from each Programs Unit (Health Related and Medical Services, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Child Care Subsidy). The web site was then piloted with targeted clients, and eventually entire county office client populations. Modifications to the web site have been made based on feedback from pilot users (both recipients and OKDHS staff). If you have a suggestion about a modification to the OKDHS Live! website please send it via Remedy Ticket to the Family Support Help Desk.
What happened in July 2012 that caused the amount of renewals submitted in OKDHS Live! to drop when most other months have shown an increase?
There was a problem with the notices that month and renewal notices went out over a week late so there were many done on paper that month.
How often are clients really using the document uploading when they submit a renewal through OKDHS Live!?
We began allowing document uploading at the end of Sept. 2012. We didn’t advertise the new feature at all and there were over 400 documents uploaded that first weekend. Since September if we consider that the website is available 24/7, we are averaging about 46 documents per day being uploaded through OKDHS Live! into imaging.
If I’m a worker at the county and I want/need to help a client with their case but the case is assigned to the Renewal center, what can I do?
Any action or communication about that case should be documented in case notes and any documents will be in imaging so you should be able to answer any questions the client has. If you want/need to work the client’s renewal or application for them, you are welcome to have the case transferred into your numbers so that you can work it.
Is the password to log in to OKDHS Live! time sensitive and required to be changed on a regular basis?
No. Once you create your password to log in to OKDHS Live! that password is valid until you go into your profile to change it.
If client calls the OKDHS Live! number and someone submits their renewal as a proxy, does the client still have the option to later go back in and upload documents?
No they do not. Once a renewal is submitted, it is tied to the log in of the person who submitted the renewal and only that person can log in and access the PDF summary and option to attach documentation for that renewal. Client can still mail, drop off, fax or email documentation.
What is the average wait time when someone calls the OKDHS Live! number?
As you can imagine, the wait time can vary greatly depending on the time of day and day of the month just like reception wait times do. The goal is no more than a 2 minute wait time. Some weeks of the month, clients may wait as little as 20 seconds. The week of deadline and also around the 5th of the month (when clients are told their renewals are due) the wait time averages 4-5 minutes. During high volume times, the wait could get up to 10 minutes or more but that is the exception and definitely the higher end of the spectrum.
Is there any plan to standardize the processing of cases submitted through OKDHS Live! and require use of the web utility?
Not at this time. The web utility is an optional tool to assist with case management but its use is encouraged so that anyone trying to answer questions about a client’s case will have as much knowledge of where it is in the process as possible. The better equipped we are to answer a client’s questions the first time the less likely we are to get repeat calls or visits to the local office.
What do I do if a client submits a renewal for SNAP this month but their child care is due for review next month?
It’s in both your and the client’s best interest to synchronize the benefit sections so they are all due for renewal on the same schedule. You can go ahead and use the current renewal submission for both sections to get them in sync and simply request any additional information such as work/school schedule that you need for the child care renewal.
Why is OKDHS Live! closing long term care medical cases?
OKDHS Live! doesn’t actually close cases. The coding on the BRR fields on the D section are what control whether the section meets the BRR criteria that could result in automatic closure if the review isn’t completed. If the LTC case should not be in benefit reporter status, then the coding on the D section is incorrect and would need to be fixed. This problem is not new with OKDHS Live! as the system is simply an additional avenue to submit renewal information for semi-annual and annual reporters.
What if a client has no job listed in FACS so nothing comes up in OKDHS Live! and then they also do not enter any job information when completing their renewal but they do have a job?
This would be handled the same way it would in the paper world. Most often clients who would need to report employment will not meet all the criteria to have SNAP auto renewed at both the mid-certification and certification renewal so the worker would need to do the usual case scans and inquiries into any discrepancies in information prior to taking any action on to renew the benefits.
This whole process with OKDHS Live! just seems to be adding more steps than it did on paper.
As with any new process, it can seem that way at first. However, every step with OKDHS Live! corresponds to a step that would have been taken on paper and has even eliminated steps here and there. The web utility piece to mark a case as needing more verification or ready to work is an extra optional step but that quick step will give everyone added visibility to be able to answer client questions rather than having to refer them back to you.
To access OKDHS Live! to complete a renewal, can we only enter the information for the payee? Or is it any adult on the case?
In order to access the case in OKDHS Live!, you must enter date of birth and SSN or Client ID on either the payee or the active spouse if one exists. You cannot use the information of any other adults or the children on the case.
When a renewal is due on a case where the parents are undocumented aliens, can we use their Client ID to access OKDHS Live! even though the parents aren’t active on any benefits?
Yes, everyone ever listed on a case is assigned a client ID number. That number does not have to be tied to active Medicaid for that person’s client ID number to be used to access the OKDHS Live! renewal. In fact that is the only way to access the renewal in OKDHS Live! since you cannot use the information for the citizen children.
If a client has duplicate client ID numbers, will that prevent them from being able to log in to OKDHS Live!?
Not technically. The only potential problem would be that OKDHS Live! would only look for cases associated with the entered Client ID number. If a renewal was due on a case where the Client ID was different than the one entered then it wouldn’t be able to find and display that case as available for the client to renew.
If you fail to enter your information into OKDHS Live! correctly, will it lock you out? If so, how does that get resolved?
You have three chances to enter your information correctly before you are locked out. There are two places where this happens. If you get locked out because of password violation, you will need to call the OKDHS Live! number and they can assist you. If you fail 3 times to enter the correct zip code to access the renewal, that violation will lock down the renewal and you will need to verify the correct address with the client and then submit a remedy ticket with the AFS Help Desk to have the case unlocked.
Is there an edit or anything that prevents someone from entering a rent amount that is outrageous?
There is no edit to prevent it. However, if an amount over $1000 is entered, a pop up window comes up to ask if you are sure you really want to enter that monthly amount.
Why does so much of the client’s information auto populate into OKDHS Live! based on what is on their case currently but the shelter and utility information does not?
That was a deliberate decision made by the program areas because they wanted clients to always have to make a new declaration of their expenses.
If a rent amount of $350.53 is entered into OKDHS Live!, it automatically changes the amount to $350. Why does it drop the cents rather than rounding to the nearest dollar?
FACS and PS2 only accept whole dollar amounts so the system was told to drop the decimal and anything after it. We have initiated a conversation to see if it would be more appropriate to round to the nearest whole dollar.
At what point in the OKDHS Live! renewal process does the renewal actually submit? Is it after the rights and responsibilities are reviewed or after the document upload page?
The renewal is submitted after the page where the user identifies who they are and reviews the rights and responsibilities. When you click Next, you get a pop up that warns you that you are submitting your information. The completion percentage indicator at that top of the page does not show 100% complete at that point but that’s just so the client is aware that there are additional pages to view. The only pages left are the possible list of verifications needed and the document upload page. Those pages are not required in order to submit a renewal but are valuable information that we want the client to review.
If a case has a renewal due and one of the existing household members has a newly added SNAP disqualification, does OKDHS Live! check the FSD screen to know that the client should be changed from S/A to S/O if the SNAP is auto renewed?
At this time OKDHS Live! does not recognize disqualifications. We are still relying on the worker to properly follow up on their G1DX discrepancy to change the coding on cases as needed. In a future enhancement, OKDHS Live! will look for the FSD disqualification and use that as one of the gates to pass through for SNAP auto renewal.
Can the Child Care name and/or contract number be added to the Child Care application?
Not at this time. OKDHS Live! captures the client information at a specific point in time rather than real time. To accurately capture the correct provider information, a real time transaction would have to be developed.
Can the interview preference (phone or face-to-face) be added to the application?
The best practice for a person who has gone into OKDHS Live! for an application is by telephone as persons without a telephone are not the group that OKDHS Live! was designed to serve.
Can FACS update quicker so that the workers can do the interview during the same phone call?
We have the updates running about as often as we can.   These updates are part of what slows down OKDHS Live!  We batch them up to run every 10 minutes or so to keep OKDHS Live! running as efficiently as possible.
Zip codes are causing issues with the worker and county assigned. Why are cases being sent to other counties?
OKDHS Live! uses the zip code to determine where the case should be assigned. If there is a finding address, OKDHS Live! uses the finding zip code. If there is no finding address, OKDHS Live! uses the mailing zip code. The zip code/county association is based on how zip codes are assigned to counties in the Enterprise Worker Association (EWA) website. If a town is divided, having part of the town in two different counties, the case will go to the county that is lowest in alphabet. If a person lives in one county and has had a case housed in another county for convenience reasons, OKDHS Live! will automatically assigned the case to the county according to zip code then assign to a worker depending on the county’s EWA designation. If the client requests it, the case can be transferred back to the previous county if desired. Due to the ability to complete phone interviews and freedom for clients to turn verification in at any office or by mail, etc., transfer back to the previous county may not be necessary but we should honor the request if it’s made.
Can there be some screening up front for EO SNAP purposes?
As with any paper application dropped off at the county, it is ultimately up to the county or assigned worker to review applications that come in through OKDHS Live! as soon as possible to determine if a client may be EO eligible.
Why does OKDHS Live! ask resource questions since they are not considered for SNAP?
OKDHS Live! was not designed to be used solely for the SNAP program. The website is designed to allow clients to submit renewals and applications for medical and childcare also. Some medical programs require resource information and that is the reason that the information is requested.
Will a G3 edit prevent an OKDHS Live! application from showing up?
There is no indication that it will cause any delay. All applications submitted through OKDHS Live! are being displayed on CWA 00. CWA report update overnight so the only delay is that an application submitted today may not show until tomorrow morning when the reports are updated.
Can the Service Center tell clients to provide income verification if they report income?
If the call center takes a telephone call and is acting as a proxy for a client, the list of possible verifications needed is read to the client and income verification is included in that information. The call center staff cannot determine eligibility, therefore a client interview is not completed.
Can the web utility be used after the case goes to CWA68?
Yes, the web utility can be used to update a closed section to show if the renewal was submitted late, verification was requested or the section is ready to work.
We are hearing complaints about clients calling the OKDHS Live! number and being placed on hold and then getting kicked off after 20 minutes. Why is that happening?
The OKDHS Live! number is only capable of taking about 4000 calls per day. If the calls are in excess of this amount then the phone queue itself may lose some calls. The possibility of this happening is only during the highest call volume days and is not a daily problem.
Can the reference number be tracked?
Not at this time. A project with OMES has been initiated but has not been assigned to a programmer yet.
When does a worker get “credit” for an application?
Applications will show on the timeliness report for the worker who processed the action to certify or deny a given section.
Wording on notice needs to tell clients exactly what to do on OKDHS Live!
If you have recommendation on an update to a form please enter the information on Suggestion box on comprehensive AFS InfoNet page. Please be specific as to the request you are making and the way you would like them changed.
County office wants to have a printer connected to the kiosks so they can have a printed copy of the completion.
Kiosk do not have a hard drive attached to them and therefore a printer cannot be added to them at this time.
Why is the web utility not showing that the review was completed?
The web utility is not designed to show when a renewal is complete. The purpose of the web utility is to give users the ability to track the progress of a pending renewal.
Is there a way that after a client goes through the screening tool their data can be entered onto the renewal or application screens?
No there is not. The screening tool is a generalized set of questions that are not specific to that client or their case and is independent or the renewal or application process.
Why are we seeing a lot of income errors on FACS that were submitted by OKDHS Live!?
Cases that show reported earned income are not eligible to be auto renewed by the system. Therefore, it continues to be the assigned worker’s responsibility to review and verify the client’s circumstances prior to certifying benefits. If an income error is discovered on a case that was auto renewed, that worker should complete an overpayment.
Can the OKDHS Live! electronic signature be used for a release of information?
No. The electronic signature is only valid for the current application for OKDHS benefits.
Where do certification renewals show up for new applications?
Certification renewal applications submitted through OKDHS Live! are displayed on CWA 00.
Where do you retrieve the client ID number?
EF page 2 or from the medical card that the client has on them.
SNAP auto renewals for ABD clients are causing errors because client are entering shelter costs for taxes and insurance as yearly amounts rather than monthly resulting in higher SNAP benefits. How do we fix this?
The screen for household expenses does request that the client enter monthly expenses. A request has been made to consider putting “monthly” before each type of expense as an added reminder. If an error in the reported shelter costs is discovered, the worker will need to correct the case as needed and write an overpayment for any months in which the client received a higher SNAP allotment than they should have been eligible for.
Why is earned income not showing on cases when a client’s SNAP is auto renewed?
SNAP cases with reported earned income do not meet the criteria to be auto renewed. If a case was auto renewed and a client failed to report earnings, the worker will need to verify the information, update the case as needed and write an overpayment just as they would have prior to OKDHS Live!
How does the worker know which CWA the case will be routed to once done submitted through OKDHS Live!?
Worker assignment is determined based on both the zip code and the EWA designation of the county office.
What is the benefit to the worker for submitting an application or renewal through OKDHS Live! rather than just entering the information into FACS?
The benefit to submitting certification and mid certification renewal information through OKDHS Live! is that the case has the potential to be auto renewed and no further action will be needed from the worker. Also, submissions through OKDHS Live! provide you with an electronic signature making it easier to complete phone interviews.
When the call center is notified of an address change, they enter a case note and send an email to the worker. Why are they doing both? It seems redundant.
Call center staff are employed by OU and do not have access to make changes to OKDHS cases so they are required to notify the worker of record to update the case.
How will county staff be alerted when new applications submitted through OKDHS Live! are routed to a county worker?
Application submitted through OKDHS Live! will show on the assigned worker’s CWA under report CWA00.
How can you tell if the notice the client received was for a Mid-Cert Renewal or a Cert Renewal?
The notices for each are different. Mid-Cert Renewals are the example that we have in our training presentation. The notice title is “Renew my Benefits” and tells them to provide by the 5th of the report month. For a Cert Renewal, the notice title is “Continue my Benefits” and tells them to complete the action by the first of the 13th month (so if SNAP closes 07/31 they can reapply with no break through 08/01).
Why are child care benefits closing when there is an X in E135?
An X in E135, D135 or C35 only means that the renewal was submitted via OKDHS Live! Child care does not ever auto renew so it is the worker’s responsibility to complete the renewal and update E135 to C once complete.
Can we change the wording on the renewal notice to let clients know that they will also have to complete an interview and/or provide verification by the due date since renewal may not be complete just by submitting renewal through OKDHS Live!?
There is information presented to the client at the end of the renewal action on the website that explains to them that additional information may be required and that someone will contact them if that is the case. There is also a verification page that gives them a list of possible verifications and tells them they need to turn in proof if any of the list applies to them.
Workers report having a hard time getting information from employers because they have nothing they can print showing that client e-signed giving permission to OKDHS to request verification from employers. Does the e-signature give workers that permission like signing the FSS-1 did and is there a way to print that to provide to employers?
The e-signature rights and responsibilities only give permission for the client to sign electronically to apply for or renew benefits. It does not expressly give permission to OKDHS staff to use that signature for other purposes. If a signature is needed for income verification, the client will need to contact the employer to give permission or provide a signature on an ADM-94.
When completing renewals for SNAP, clients are adding household members who are not really part of the SNAP household. Can that be better explained on the website?
OKDHS Live! does ask if everyone buys and prepares food together and the client’s answer to that will show both on the DiscImage report and in the FACS tool so that the worker can distinguish who may be a separate household. We want the client to honestly answer if anyone else resides in the home so that we can readily identify those separate households. If there are any reported changes to the household members, that will keep the renewal from auto renewing and will be routed to a worker to review. The household changes do not automatically map over to IMS so it is up to the worker to accept the changes in the FACS tool to add them to IMS. If the listed person isn’t a part of the household for SNAP, the worker will not accept the addition of that person in the FACS tool but will need to verify separate household circumstances before renewing the SNAP benefits.

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