OKDHS Live!: UpdatedOKDHSLive! Web Utility

The OKDHS Live! Utility can be used for the following:

  • Updating Renewal Status;
  • Viewing ODHS Live! submissions on a case;
  • Updating the case address

To access the OKDHS Live! Web Utility, open your internet browser and go to:


Or, go to the OKDHS InfoNet Home page, under “Job Functions” click on “Adult & Family Services”, under “Eligibility Tools”, under “OKDHS Live!, click “Web Utility”.

Please see the Standard Operating Procedure at: SOP for more information on processes related to using web utility.

To update renewal status

  1. Type in the case number of a case that has at least one section with a Mid-Certification Renewal due this month and press “Update Renewal Status.”
  2. If a renewal was submitted through OKDHS Live! the “Date review form submitted”  will show the date the review was submitted. To record the receipt of a paper review form, type the date the form was received in the “Date review form received” field.
  3. The Utility will indicate which section(s) of the case have Mid-Certification Renewal due this month.
  4. Click in the appropriate field(s) to indicate if all information necessary to complete a Mid-Certification Renewal was provided or if more information is needed. After updating the field, click on “Update Review/s”.

Checking the “More information needed” field updates the corresponding BR action field (C35, D135 or E135) to a “V” and displays the case on CWA Report 22.

Checking the “All information provided” field updates the corresponding BR Action field (C35, D135 or E135) to a “P”.

If at any time during the renewal process the BR Action field is updated to “incomplete” the section is no longer updatable through the OKDHS Live! Utility.

To view OKDHS Live! submissions on a case:

  1. Type in the case number for which you wish to view submissions and press “Case Submission Status”.
  2. A list of all OKDHS Live! submissions for the case will be displayed.
  3. To view details about a specific submission, click on the case number next to the submission you wish to view.

To update case address:

  1. Type in the case number for which you wish to update address, phone, or email. Press Case Address button.
  2. The Modify Case Address screen will appear. Press SEARCH button.
  3. Make any changes needed to address, phone number, & email address. Press UPDATE button.

Both IMS and FACS are updated with new information and a case note in FACS is created automatically.

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