TANF: Supplements & Retro Certs for TANF (F17C)

F17C is used to issue additional money payments on a case that either needs a past months benefit issued for a supplemental money payment for a month. The retro-certification process is used when no payment exists. A supplement is used if the client is due additional monies.

You will only need to enter the information indicated below.

  • CNTY – County
  • LOC – Office
  • CASE – Case Number
  • WORKER USER ID – (Enter your U number for both)
  • ADM ERROR (C or S) – (Use “C” for Retro-certification. Leave it blank for a Supplement.)
  • SUPPLEMENTAL – (Use “X” for a supplement with nothing above in ADM ERROR.
  • CERT DATE (MMDDYY) – (Enter original certification date if completing a retro-certification).
  • MMYY – Date of Benefit amount you are correcting
  • TOTAL PAYMENT AMT – Difference in issued amount and correct amount
  • AD – Number of Adults
  • CH – Number of Children
  • AMT REC – Benefit issued (If recoupment is present: add to benefit issued for total amount.)
  • ELIG FOR – Correct benefit amount
  • PS2 PERSON CODES – Enter the Person Numbers of the people included in benefit.

If the case is successfully updated you will receive the following message: “FILE UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY”

screen displaying success message

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