ACES: Resolving a Social Security Income SDX/BEN Discrepancy

This discrepancy is considered verified upon receipt. This means that once the discrepancy is received, the worker checks the appropriate screens (SDX or BEN) to see if the client is receiving new income from the Social Security Administration or if the previous income has changed or ended. The worker updates the case based on this information. Case notes must be entered regarding the clearing of the discrepancy.

Refer to the following article for instructions on clearing G1DX edits (DXD Transaction): ACES: How to Clear G1DX Edits

Use ‘SDX’ for the Data Type and Error Type for SSI income.

Use ‘BEN’ for the Data Type and Error Type for RSDI income.

For SDX and BEN: if they have a “pay status” of anything other than CP (Current Pay) we need to know how to find the code and what it means. This can be done by using IMS Command “M SDX” or “M BEN” to give a list of commonly used SSA codes for these screens.

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