NewSNAP Changes: SNAP and BENDEX

Addressing how to complete SDX and BENDEX changes for SNAP program

IMS Screens & Transactions Index

Alphabetized list of IMS Screens & Transactions

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

Resolving a Social Security Number (ENU) Discrepancy

Guidelines for ENU Discrepancy

Disqualifications (FSD Transaction)

How disqualifications appear on FSD Screen in IMS, instructions to call.

Case Scan Report

Information and instructions on Case Scan Report

UpdatedIncome – Earned Income Handling Checklist

Steps to handling earned income.

Resolving an Unemployment Compensation (UIB) Discrepancy

Unemployment Benefits Information UIB