Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

UpdatedG1DX Standardized Procedures

The following is an instructional guide for AFS staff on how to properly handle data exchange discrepancies. G1DX discrepancies should be cleared on a weekly basis. Data exchange discrepancies that are considered “verified upon receipt” should be cleared within 10 days. This would include BEN, SDX, and UIB. All data match discrepancies must be documented […]

Resolving a Social Security Number (ENU) Discrepancy

Guidelines for ENU Discrepancy

Disqualifications (FSD Transaction)

How disqualifications appear on FSD Screen in IMS, instructions to call.

Case Scan Report

Information and instructions on Case Scan Report

Income – Earned Income Handling Checklist

Steps to handling earned income.

Resolving an Unemployment Compensation (UIB) Discrepancy

Unemployment Benefits Information UIB

Resolving an Employment History (OWG) Discrepancy

Resolving /clearing OWG discrepancy.

UpdatedResolving a State New Hire List (SNH)/National New Hire (NNH) Discrepancy

Resolving /clearing NHL discrepancy.