TANF Participation Reports

TANF Participation Reports

UpdatedEBT – CARDI Screen (Inquiry)

The CARDI screen in IMS is used to generate a query report of SNAP Remote Cards Printed. Type CARDI in IMS to access screen. FILTER SELECTION MODE You can limit search results by updating selection filter by the following parameters. ST Leave Blank= All EBT card requests (To clear previous filter, always space out by […]

UpdatedOrganizational Strategies – CWA Report

Tips for case management concerning the CWA report.

CWA Report

The County Worker Action (CWA) Report is a case management tool to help you keep track of work that is pending on a caseload. Reports can be generated for a supervisory group or for a specific social services specialist. The CWA Report is made up of numbered sub-reports such as (1) Pending Applications, (05) Reviews […]

UpdatedCWA Report

CWA report – is an acronym for county worker activity report.

ACES Overview

ACES stands for Automated Caseload Evaluation System.

Client Responsibilities

OKDHS Clients Have These Responsibilities: I Agree let DHS give information about me to other government agencies or private organizations to get help for me let DHS make any necessary investigation or request to verify the information I give provide the documents necessary to establish my eligibility notify the local DHS office of changes in […]

How to Access CWA Report from ACES

The following are instructions on how to access a CWA report from ACES From the “Our InfoNet Home” page; hover the cursor over the Service Divisions dropdown menu. Click on the Adult and Family Services option. Scroll down to the Eligibility /Maintenance and click on the ACES option. Select Report: Click CWA Complete CWA Reports: […]