Agency View: Agency View – EMPLOYMENT

Use the Employment Tab to enter or update the employment status for each household member.

Employment Income

  • To add a job or business, click “Add employment income.”

Add Employment Income

  • Name* (Select person that is employed)
  • Are you self-employed? (Yes / No)
  • Business/Employer Name
  • Federal Employer I.D. Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone /Ext
  • Taxable Income* (Enter amount rounded to nearest dollar and select how often received).

  • To remove any employment, check “Remove this income box.”

Self-Employment Income

  • Income is self-declared for anyone claiming to be self-employed or contract worker (1099).
  • If a person is paying themselves a wage, list that income as a wage, not self-employment. Since they also own the business, list another employment line showing as self-employment, listing how much the business makes. Two separate employers, one self-employment (income for business) and one list as not self-employment (paid wages).
  • Employer letters need to have number of hours per week or pay period and pay per hour. Average tips per day are needed if that type of work should be included, but could also be stated by the client.
  • For Farming and Fishing income; enter the net income after deducting expenses from the Schedule F
  • For other types of income; enter the net income after deducting expenses from Schedule C or Schedule E
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