Student Policy Examples

Examples of how student restrictions affect SNAP eligibility.

Income – Rental Income

Explanation of Rental Income

Self-Employment Tax Forms & FACS Coding

How to code Self Employment in FACS, Case Note Emphasis

Income – How to Code Self-Employment (Sole Proprietorship)

Self-proprietorship (one or more people own and run the business) is the most common type of self-employment.

UpdatedResource – Trade or Business Rental Property

Rental Property Considered as Resource / 6% Rule /

Agency View – EMPLOYMENT

Instructions for the Employment Tab in Agency View

Income – Self-Employment (Sole Proprietorship)

Sole proprietorships are businesses that are owned by one individual, the owner assumes all liability. Example 1: Sole Proprietorships with Tax Form Consider the client’s income and expenses from their own tax return. If the income is representative from the tax form, you will use the verification provided. Take the annual gross income and allow […]

Income – Self-Employment (S-Corporations)

Information regarding S-Corporations (Self-Employment)

Income – Self-Employment (Contract Laborers)

A contract laborer is self-employed when there is an employer/employee relationship and the employer does not withhold income taxes or Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). Verification Once a client files a federal tax return, obtain a copy of the tax return. If the income on the tax return is not representative or the client has […]

NON-PS2 Instructions (Income)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS Income Tab.