Leadership: Field Manager Process – Correspondence Assignments

Field Manager are responsible for responding to inquiries on behalf of constituents from senators, legislators, or the Governor. Field Manager may receive correspondence assignments with specific control numbers from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director’s office, and Office of Information and Referral.

Guidelines for Due Date Correspondence:

Responses containing case specific information re: TANF, SNAP, ABD, and Medicaid may be provided to government offices acting on the behalf of the client, if the request is in writing. The Legal Division and Adult and Family Services (AFS) have agreed that all three programs contain clauses that permit release of such information.

Responses pertaining to Adult Protective Services (APS) cases are confidential and case specific information cannot, by state statute, be provided to government officials.

All cover memos give specific instructions as to whom to address the response and to whom to provide copies. The general rule, if unsure, is to address response to the client and send a copy to the referring office (legislator, governor, etc.). In the case of APS matters, the referring office should receive an acknowledgement letter thanking them for the referral and explaining the information is confidential by law with a closing paragraph assuring the matter has been, will be addressed, and thanking them for their concern. Also, include a statement that an appropriate response will be provided to the client, (the response to the client should reference the client’s contact to the referring office). Multiple inquiries from multiple offices can be answered with one response; however, each referring office must receive an acknowledgement of their referral.

Policy: OKDHS: 115-3-7

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