TANF: Using the Appendix I-7 Family Relationships

Each child eligible for the TANF benefits must have a 5th degree relationship to the Payee on the case.
Using the Appendix I-7, place the child in the Principle slot. The parent is the first degree of relationship, grandparents the 2nd degree of relationship, etc. If you follow the relationship and you stay within the 5th degree of relationship then the child meets the 5th degree of relationship to be eligible for TANF benefits. The 6th degree of relationships or further out the child is too distant a relationship to be eligible for TANF with this payee.

Example 1:

The aunt (sister to the parent) is the 3rd degree of relationship.

Example 2:

Great grandparent to the child is the 3rd degree of relationship

Example 3:

First cousin (aunt’s children) is the 4th degree of relationship

Example 4:

First cousin once removed (First cousins children) is the 5th degree of relationship

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